Monday, November 1, 2010

Revisiting the Chapel Room

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Dear Castle Visitors, as I once again enter this Chapel Room broken and dismayed, I am also overjoyed to have this quiet room in which to speak and listen to the Lord, seeking once again to find the peace that passes all understanding when we approach the throne of God with a humble and contrite heart.
For the last few months it has seemed as though I've been in an endurance race.
I've attempted to force my opinions on others and at times I've even sought refuge in getting my own way and being in control. On the surface, I was intimidating,angry,mouthy and even arrogant,all the while knowing that these actions were not from the Lord.
Since I felt I had power and control in some areas of my life, I grew reluctant to yield once again to the true ruler and controller of all that happens to me**GOD**
You, dear Jesus, have pled my case before God on several occasions, pulling me once again out of the miry clay to acknowledge my need to surrender all of me to God's will and His way.

I may stumble many times in my journeys on earth,perhaps I may even fall
It is a comfort to know at those times that Christ Jesus will answer even my faintest call.
Let us not become fixated on the schakels and chains this life may bring
Rather let us rise above them and with joy in our hearts to Christ Jesus sing.
Once again I am re-newed, re-freshed, re-vitalized.
I'm going to linger here a while longer basking in HIS love, mercy,and grace.
Thanks for re-visting the Castle..
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  1. Well, Pam, this just doesn't sound like you! You must have another side to you that I don't know about! LOL But I know what you mean. We all get out of whack once in a while. Blessings to you, my friend!