Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turning Point

I've been wandering up and down this hall for quite some time almost as though I were lost, but then again, not. Which way should I go, which room should I enter today? All of a sudden my eyes gaze upon a sign on the door just ahead of me: The Turning Point. Maybe this is where I can find some answers to my wanderings and at times, weariness. Well, as the saying goes...Here goes nothing, or maybe in my case it could be here comes everything. Enter with me if you'd like.

In the far corner of a bookshelf, in a worn out journal long forgotten from my many years past,the pages tattered and worn, I find these words: Our lives have many ups and downs, Joys and frowns..yet deep within each crying heart is a need to belong...a place to set our sites on Heaven above and to seek His wisdom and His know that as we carry life's baggage around His love and mercy will always abound. He can lift us up and bring us to that turning point in our walk with Him. To know that only through Jesus blood shed for our sins we are made the victors in and through God's mercy and grace.

So as I said when I entered this room, "Would it be here goes nothing or here comes everything?" I've found that in here it did come..that turning point in my life where the wandering is becoming less frequent and the weariness is almost gone. I awaken, turn, and point my way toward Jesus at the beginning of each new dawn. As I place the old journal back on the shelf and walk out the door I stop and say "Thank-you" once more!

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